Hope the baby albatross

Kids have made some friends in the pool

They called themselves the Bloody Lightnings – bloody not being a swear word in the US – honest!

Once a year, they have a city wide bird day – so took the kids to the bird rescue center and saw how they clean up the oil off seabirds. Ended the day with Bob’s Big Boy burgers!

Went for a hike from our house to the Observatory in the afternoon. Mother’s Day gift from the kids was not to whine. Success all around!

Henry (finally) lost his first tooth today!

Chloe started official horse riding lessons today. From all of the horse camp she’s done, the instructor was quite impressed on how much Chloe remembered. Here are a few pics of her tending to the pony (Pablo) afterwards.

Whilst the city burns down, we still managed a company holiday party.