Monday the 16th was a big day. It was my first day back to work after maternity leave, it was Chloe’s first day of pre-school, and Henry’s first day of daycare. It went well all around (I only cried twice that day.)

I left work a little early to pick up my babies and there were lots of smiles. As we were leaving and got to the car, Chloe followed me over to her side and I unlocked and opened the door. “Get it your carseat, please,” I said. Then I walked back over to the other side to get Henry in his seat.

The next thing I heard was Chloe screaming. I ran over and her thumb was stuck in the car door—wedged in-between where the door meets the body of the car. I opened the door and her poor thumb was bruised and her nail was black and blue.

She cried and screamed the whole way home. Because there was some swelling we decided to take her to the emergency room. Andy took her and I stayed home with Henry. After waiting for hours to be seen, she had an x-ray and luckily it wasn’t broken. But they drilled a tiny hole in her nail to relieve the swelling (without anesthesia!).

When she got home she was laughing and back to her goofy, fun self.

Here’s a pic of her waiting in the ER:

Here’s what the thumb looked like the day after:

And here’s what it looked like a few days ago. Scary.

But she stayed home from daycare the next day and I’m happy to report she’s going to be just fine. The thumb looks much, much better.