Our Easter festivities started the weekend before at the LA Arboretum where they had an egg hunt, some peacocks, and other fun things for kids. It was probably 1000 degrees outside, so we didn’t stay long. This was the same place we went to last Easter.

On Easter Sunday we woke up to find the Easter Bunny had paid us a visit. He hid some eggs around the house with one M&M inside of each one, which was a genius decision since Chloe ate the M&M after finding each egg. Chloe had a fun time going around the house looking for the eggs (and eating the chocolate), as well as opening a gift from the Easter Bunny, too!

Easter afternoon we had a nice brunch with my family. A delicious ham, potato salad, a Bulgarian tomato dish, garlic green beans, fruit salad, croissants, homemade hot cross buns (thanks Andy!), and rhubarb pie (thanks Jacque!) After a major meltdown, Henry spent the entire brunch swaddled up in the swing. The swing was right next to the table where we all ate, so he was still with us.

And no Easter is complete without a drive to a local shopping mall to visit the Easter Bunny. It was going so well. We got in line to have our picture taken and I prepped Chloe of what was going to happen. But as soon as it was our turn and we stepped up to the bunny, Chloe screamed like a banshee and flailed her arms and legs and ran out of there like a bat out of hell. Even another mom in line commented, “Wow! Look at her go!” But I didn’t want 10-week old Henry to miss the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny on his first Easter.