>Illustrated Story of The Birth of Chloe and the Week After
After laboring Saturday night and all day Sunday, we finally went in to the hospital Sunday night as the contractions got worse. Here you can see the monitor showing contractions off the chart (bottom set of squiggley lines). This was not pleasant for Tiff. After another 10 hrs of this, she finally went for an epidural.

The relief was evident.

But the contractions also then subsided, which was slowing labor down. Pitocin was then administered and breaking of the water.

Friend and birth photographer Jenny Suh chatting it up with Tiff before the big push. Tiff was now 10cm dilated and was going to start pushing in an hour.

Dad doing some last minute studying of what to do with a baby after it’s born.

Cedars Sinai delivery rooms are very nice!

View of the Bev Center from the room.

Mum and Dad relaxing before the big push. Epidural still doing its work.

Contractions ramping up again after Pitocin and water breaking.

Baby’s heart beat good.

First big push

Full on pushing after an hour. Doctor about to get in to scrubs but doing some big pushes using the towel technique”. Tiff was giving it everything she had by this point.

Baby out!

Quick clean up to clear out meconium.

Dad cuts the cord whilst Drs work on putting Tiff back together!

Chloe doing good

Weight 7lbs and 7oz and 20.5 inches long

Dad a big admirer

First look at Mum!


Going home

Meeting Auntie Whitney

and Grandma

First sponge bath at home – not going well.

more cuddles with Grandma

Laundry Day!