>So my due date has come and gone and…I’m still lumpy, well, with lump.

We had another doctor’s appointment yesterday. In the last three weeks my body has made very little movement towards allowing this poor child to escape. She’s in there nice and tight — NO LIGHT FOR YOU. Poor thing, it’s like she’s being punished. “You stay in there and think about what you’ve done, young lady.”

I think I liked last week better, when I was too busy to be left to my boring thoughts. If you can imagine the sound of crickets, that’s what my thoughts are like.

Since I have to go back to work in early 2009, we have to start to think about the dreaded day of dropping off our little one at a daycare center. Today was the day I decided to do an online search for one near my place of work.

Just opening the web page of the center and seeing the words “From 6 weeks to…” was too much to handle — had to close it immediately. Just not ready for reality.