>A couple of weekend ago, the Wellners invited us to go see Jon play in the Hollywood Stars baseball game at Dodger Stadium. It was pretty similar to the celebrity cricket match we went to a few years ago except the baseball had more fried food and more celebrities.

I followed all the celebrities around sticking my video camera in their faces as they ate, drank, talked and watched baseball. Here’s Tom Arnold right before he told me to put the effing camera away or he’ll put it away for me.Not sure who this latin tv presenter is, but the guys in the cheap seats would go wild every time she flipped them off. Anyway, after a bit of a wait and some excellent Dodger cupcakes, dogs, chicken wings, brownies, choc chip cookies and lots of free beer, the Dodger management decided to call a halt to the endless Dodger vs Indians game, so that the celebrity warm-up could get underway. Here’s the man of the hour loosening up that throwing arm.Here are the girls enjoying the warm-up.
It was neck and neck until Jon caught a game winning catch in the final seconds, which got everyone in the white team out and also erased all the runs they had scored. Here’s the winning catch.Because Jon had won the game for the blue team, we were all treated like victors and carried high out to the parking lot where George Thorogood ranted about how everyone in the white team was a bunch of cheaters and deserved to lose, before driving off at high speed in his Navigator. Here’s George, Jon and David congratulating each other right after the winning play.Here’s a short video of the afternoon (click on the link below).
It’s in HD so you have to be a bit patient. Hit play then pause whilst the gray bar shows it downloading. It will download while you go get a cup of tea so you can then come back and hit play again. Unless you have a good internet connection, then you can just hit play and ignore all of the previous instructions.